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Tell her Poppy remind Sissy how she was always my dearest. And do not listen to her Poppy when she says what she says about Monk. He is no hop devil like she says. To think she would trust a newspaper over me Poppy. Deacon Meadows they never have had their name printed in any newspaper and they never will. That is the kind of place they are Poppy.

So rest assured Poppy hospital bills and iceboxes and Sissy acting the ingrate aside we will be fine Poppy we will be fine I repeat I wish you wouldn’t worry about us and tell everyone else to do the same. You know when I left Crowder’s Slab we agreed I was never to keep anything from you and anyway I cannot so you get to hear the good and the bad I just cannot help it if maybe sometimes there is more of what you think is bad than there is good. But there is all sorts of good in whatever bad happens to Monk and me. For instance 90 days is not really so long and another for instance Monk is hoping that he might be flying off to Europe to make a good wage at some festival here in a month or two. This friend of his a rich admirer who is also a friend of Missus Clark’s she is talking to everybody she knows about it. And she has offered to help Monk get a passport and now she’s paying her attorney by the day to figure out some sort of contract. Much as it seems like it would be a honeymoon to tag along with Monk I couldn’t be away as long as that. That’s how Missus Clark counts on me. Monk he’d do without me fine for a little bit. And the money could be so good. And if he had a whole bunch of engagements here Poppy to cancel well that is nothing he would ever allow himself to do. Commitments are commitments he says. So you see? There are whole princes and parliaments over there ready and willing to wait hand and foot on Monk. Monk may not be perfect but that is who he is altogether. Anyhow it is like what we always said nothing will come between you and me and this way I hope you get to know Monk as good as I do. So I tell you all about these things Poppy just like I know you will tell me everything going on with you and everybody back home. Everybody. You just tell me all about it. I really would like to know and I cannot say why I have to ask this you know sometimes there is no reason or explanation whatever Sissy thinks and I know you will say anyhow but I guess maybe I want you to know what my little girl’s education means to me. Is she excited for her holidays? You think she can almost be ready to start up with school? I know she’s not gonna kick and cry when the the first day comes she won’t hide and be hard to you I know. She is too smart for that. She is too much a lady already. So that extra I mentioned Poppy I am sending some little money extra for books and tablets and a new dress you put that aside Poppy I trust you to know how much to put aside and I will send more as soon as I can.

Now you can tell me what you are going to tell me.

I love you,

Your Nell

PS— And yes before I forget send any of those photos I asked you to look for last time please before I forget Poppy or Sissy throws them out.